Childbirth is the most anticipated and celebrated event at the end of the nine month journey of pregnancy. While the act of vaginal childbirth is miraculous, it can leave lasting effects long after you’ve brought home your little bundle of joy.  During pregnancy and labor, your labia can expand and become assymetric, elongated, and/or darkly pigmented. In other cases, some women are born with large, irregular or asymmetrical labia minora (the inner lips). As well, your vagina can simply stretch over time, making sexual intercourse unsatisfying.

Fortunately, a labiaplasty and/or vaginal rejuvenation can help significantly. A labiaplasty is a outpatient surgery that reduces excess labial tissue for restoring natural contours, thus giving you a more youthful looking labia. The outer labia can be filled with your own fat to provide a more youthful look. Vaginal Rejuvenation is a general term that refers to surgical procedures to help tighten and support the vagina and its structures. It is also referred to as vaginoplasty or laser vaginoplasty surgery.

What happens in this procedure?

Labiaplasty can be done under a local anesthetic and takes about an hour. The procedure is quite tolerable for most women, and there is little to no pain. The sutures simply dissolve, and a small amount of swelling may remain for a time, between two to four weeks. The scarring is almost non-existent in this area, and a woman can resume full activity, including sexual intercourse, about a month of recovery after the procedure.

Naturally, reshaping requests of the labia vary by one’s specific anatomy and particular needs. Most commonly, however, the labia minora are simply trimmed to a smaller size. This procedure is a relatively quick one, with minimal discomfort. While there is a small chance that some sensation may be lost, most of the sexual sensation is located in the clitoral and vaginal areas and will not actually be affected by the surgery.



One of the best ways to know if a labiaplasty or vaginal tightening is right for you, and to have your questions answered, is to have a complimentary consultation with our  Board Certified Surgeon and a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, to discuss your goals.  Dr. Kinal can answer all of your questions about this surgery and guide you on whether the surgery is right for you.

Are you a good candidate?

It’s your choice. All woman are different and have different goals, opinions and desires. For some women the choice is simple.

  • non-smoking female
  • under 65 years of age who is in good health
  • desires to improve the appearance of her labia or desire vaginal tightening.

What does it cost?

Your quote will depend on various factors, including your specific anatomy.  Our total cost covers the procedure, anethesia, materials/supplies used, and all routine follow-up visits (lab work and medications are excluded). There are no hidden fees or hidden costs.

Call and make an appointment today to get your quote on this surgery.