Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

BREAST LIFT (Mastopexy) near Los Angeles, CA – Adam Kinal MD

Actual Patient: Patient received a mastopexy surgery. Nipple was repositioned into a more aesthetically pleasing position.

With age, body changes after weight loss and other factors the breasts which were once perky can sag and lose their youthful appearance. A breast lift is a procedure that essentially raises the breast, significantly reversing the effects of age, pregnancy, etc. The results are a more full, rounded, and youthful look.

A breast lift also known as Mastopexy can be done alone or with a breast implant to achieve a fuller breast if desired.

Some women are very concerned about the fat or drooping skin in their armpit/bra band area. A breast lift surgery will help tighten the skin in this area to give a more youthful, slender look under the armpit area.  Additional liposuction can be performed if necessary or desired.




Actual patient: Patient received a Breast lift with Silicone implant and liposuction to the Axillary region (armpit/bra strap area).














There are different types of lifts, such as

Benelli (or Donut Lift)                                                                          Lollipop                                                                                      Anchor Lift.


The two most commonly asked procedural questions are: 

1) Do I need a breast lift with implants


2) Can I get the desired results by just a breast lift alone?

At times breast implants alone will acheive the desired result, and at other times it is not enough. It may be that the breasts have enough volume, but the way the breast tissue is distributed may have changed over time. The exact shape, postion, and volume of the breast pre-surgery will significantly determine the answer to these questions. Even in cases where no breast tissue has been lost, naturally gravity tends to make the breast appear lower.


  • eliminate stretch marks (unless they’re part of the skin that’s getting removed)
  • increase breast density or volume (only implants can do that)
  • significantly decrease volume


Instead of a simple mastopexy, many patients wish to incorporate another breast revision procedure. These include:

  • Breast augmentation plus breast lift
  • Breast reduction


Dr. Kinal will meet with you for a comprehensive examination and Q&A. Your anatomy, desired results, expectations, and all possible options and outcomes will be discussed. No two breast lifts are the same, and their highest priority is to make sure that the particular breast changes you want for yourself are both feasible and best, all factors considered.  Take a look at our before and after gallery to see how they can help you achieve similar results.


Your quote will include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia costs, the facility fee for the operating room, all other supplies and implants when desired or indicated, and all routine follow-up visits. Schedule a free consultation to find out more.



  • Women
  • Age 18 to 65
  • Non-smoker
  • Generally in good health
  • Desires aesthetic enhancement of the breast


After surgery, a bulky gauze dressing is wrapped around the breasts and chest. Sometimes a surgical bra is used. Pain is controlled by medication, and usually subsides in a day or two. Most patients stay in the hospital for two days. The dressing is replaced by a soft bra within the first week, and it must be worn for several weeks. Generally, the swelling and discoloration around the incisions subside within a few days. There may be temporary loss of sensation in the breast skin and nipples after surgery. This condition improves with time. Within two weeks of surgery, stitches (sutures) are removed.

Instructions we will provide for you to follow:

  • What to do on the day of surgery
  • Post-operative care and follow-up

You’ll need help

If your breast reduction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, be sure to arrange for someone to drive you to and from surgery, and to stay with you the following night.


It is absolutely essential that that you avoid all aspirin, aspirin-related, ibuprofen or blood-thinning medications for 2 full weeks prior to your surgery. In your pre-op consultation, we will give you a complete list of these drugs.


In person and in your post-op information packet, we shall explain everything you need to know for your aftercare at home.


When your breast reduction procedure is complete, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions. An elastic bandage or support bra may be worn to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal.

A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect.

You will be given specific instructions for breast reduction recovery that may include:

  • how to care for your breasts following breast reduction surgery,
  • medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection,
  • specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health,
  • when to follow up with your surgeon.


Scars on the breasts themselves can remain lumpy and red for months, becoming gradually less visible over time and eventually fading to thin white or invisible lines in about 6 months.
Visible scarring can be kept to a minimum by:

  • following all post-op instructions to the letter
  • wearing the recommended bras day AND night for three months
  • avoiding pulling and tension in your upper body (including bouncing)
  • sleeping on your back (which keeps pressure off your healing breasts)
  • using silicone scar strips (available in any drug store, our staff can instruct you how to use them)
  • avoiding all sun exposure on your neck, breasts and decolletage
  • wearing a strong sports bra when working out