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For many women, how their breasts look or the size of their breasts can affect their own self image and confidence. Whether your breasts have changed after child birth or you are just dissatisfied with how your breasts look, Dr. Kinal can discuss with you all the options that will suit you best to attain your desired outcome.

If having larger breasts is your desired result then you may want to consider:

Breast Augmentation/Breast Implants

Different from a breast lift or breast reduction, a breast augmentation, (placement of breast implants), is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to add volume to your breasts for a more full, youthful appearance. Volume in and around the breast is created by placing FDA-approved breast implants behind your natural breast tissue or chest muscle. These implants are made of either saline (salt water) or silicone gel, all from the MENTOR Corporation, one of the highest quality breast implant manufacturers.  Liposculpture, a method of body contouring, can also be added to this procedure for additional shaping to create the desired look.


Breast augmentation uses one of two kinds implants:

  • Silicone implants filled with a safe FDA-approved medical-grade silicone gel that achieves the most natural-feeling results
  • Saline implants filled with a safe viscous salt-water solution

Dr. Kinal will choose an appropriate incision site so that scars will fade to nearly invisible.  


The two site options for implant placement (both of which are centered appropriately under your nipples) are:

  • Underneath the pectoral is muscle, offering the advantage of looking more natural with less sag, healing with less capsular contraction and making make future mammograms easier to read. However, this site may also be more uncomfortable during recovery and require a bit more healing time.
  • Directly behind existing breast tissue but above the muscle.


Under the Muscle                   Over the Muscle

There’s no doubt that changing your breasts can be a big decision and sometimes an emotional one; something to be taken seriously and not lightly. Choosing the wrong surgeon or a wrong/insufficient procedure can leave any patient with a bad cosmetic surgery experience that can last a long time. With the massive number of advertisements and options coming from the media and the culture, an in-person consultation with Dr. Kinal and our staff is often the best way to get your questions answered and alleviate any concerns you may have.


Dr. Kinal, a Board Certified Surgeon (ABS) and a fellowship-trained and Board Certified  Cosmetic surgeon ( AACS)  has performed countless numbers of breast procedures, will meet with you for a comprehensive examination and Q&A. Your anatomy, desired results, expectations, and all possible options and outcomes will be discussed. No two breast augmentations are the same, and their highest priority is to make sure that the particular breast augmentation you want for yourself is both feasible and best, all factors considered.


Your quote will include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia costs, the facility fee for the operating room, the implants and any additional supplies that may be needed, and all routine follow-up visits.  Schedule a free consultation to find out more.



  • Women
  • Age 18 to 65
  • Non-smokers
  • Generally in good physical health
  • A woman who wishes to have larger breasts and WITH a more pronounced cleavage and more appealing shape.
  • A patient wanting to replace lost volume (especially in the upper pole of the breast) after pregnancy, nursing or notable weight loss
  • A patient needing to balance a difference in breast size (either from congenital problems such as Poland’s syndrome or minor natural asymmetries)
  • A patient requiring reconstruction following breast cancer surgery
  • Desire aesthetic enhancement of the breast
  • Desire augmentation or more fullness
  • The Goal of Breast Augmentation


  • Lift existing sagging breasts more that a breast lift can. It can rotate nipples that point slightly downwards up to a small degree.
  • Prevent sagging over time due to gravity, weight gain or unprotected sun exposure


Several years ago, a number of women who had had silicone gel breast augmentation reported symptoms consistent with auto immune connective tissue disorders such as scleroderma and other arthritis-like conditions. However, numerous clinical trails conducted by the FDA concluded that there is no clear link between silicone breast implants and autoimmune disorders. The silicone implant has been the most extensively studied “device” in the whole history of medicine.

 Breast implants should not affect fertility, pregnancy, or your ability to nurse.


It is absolutely essential that that you avoid all aspirin, aspirin-related, ibuprofen or blood-thinning medications for 2 full weeks prior to your surgery. In your pre-op consultation, we will give you a complete list of these drugs.


In person and in your post-op information packet, we shall explain everything you need to know for your aftercare at home.


You will need to keep your activities to a minimum for at least 3 to 5 days. Gradually, you will be able to resume to your normal activities:

DO NOT judge your breasts right away. They will not assume their final shape for at least 3 months (but they should start looking very good within 7-10 days!).  Swelling can cause breasts to look unbalanced or uneven at first, as the swelling goes down the breasts will settle  into their perfect position.

Healing is usually a very quick process though you may experience:

  • Bruising around the incision and lower pole of the breast usually reaches its peak during the first week, and generally takes about 2 weeks to a month to completely fade away.
  • Either a numb or a burning sensation in your nipples for about 2 weeks. This is perfectly normal and should subside as your bruising fades.
  • Small patches of numbness near the incisions. These usually disappear over time, but may be permanent in some patients.
  • Breast sensitivity for 2 to 3 weeks, so you might want to keep contact to a minimum.
  • Mild soreness, similar to a hard workout, up to 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Milk leaking from your nipples if have nursed an infant within a year of your augmentation. Should this occur, we can prescribe a medication to treat this.


Scars may likely be firm and pink for at least 6 weeks (significantly less so with incisions around the areolae). Do not worry, in a few months, they will start fading and eventually may become indetectible.

Visible scarring can be kept to a minimum by:

  • Following all post-op instructions to the letter
  • Where the surgical bra as recommended
  • Avoiding pulling and tension
  • Sleeping on your back (which keeps pressure off the implants)
  • Leaving Steristrips on for 2-3 months or silicone scar strips if you develop an allergy to the former
  • Avoiding all sun exposure on your neck, breasts and decolletage or at the very least using a strong physical and SPF sunblock on exposed areas


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